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Westbrae pumpkin patch 2014 Westbrae Nursery’s services to the community are highlighted by the annual Pumpkin Patch.

Westbrae pumpkin patch 2016 All of the money customers spend at Westbrae’s pumpkin patch each October is donated to a school at the heart of the local community. Cornell Elementary School has been the recipient for the past several years.

The 2017 Westbrae pumpkin patch was our 8th annual benefit, with sales of $8,538. An associated bake sale held at Westbrae, stocked and operated by Cornell Elementary School PTA member Jessica Cross, garnered $428. So together, the final tally was just shy of $9,000. Awesome! The entire amount has been donated to Cornell Elementary School.

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Closed on New Year's Day*, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving*, and Christmas* (*early closings the day before)
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