Covid-19 Protocol

Westbrae Nursery:  Covid-19 Protocol

Below is our protocol for keeping customers and staff safe during business hours (11am-5:30pm daily) . We really appreciate your patience and support in helping to implement these procedures. 


  1. Traffic flow into the nursery will be limited so that everyone who enters the nursery can maintain a safe distance from other customers.  When the nursery has reached the maximum safe capacity (approximately 17 people), the gate attendant will halt additional entry until someone leaves.
  2. All items are self-service. There will be few, to no staff in the yard.
  3. Two customer groups are allowed inside the shop at one time to purchase items (one per register).  The line forms outside along the building wall.  The indoor plant room will be accessed only from the driveway, not from the shop proper. Maximum safe occupancy for the plant room is 6 people.
  4. A delivery can be arranged with staff at the register.  Online orders for soil, mulch, oak barrels, and other hard goods can be made here. See delivery details.

Check-Out Procedures:

  1. Please form a line leading up to the cash registers, staying 6 ft apart (follow the tape / chalk marks on the asphalt).
  2. Place your items next to the cash register and step back.
  3. Payment will be accepted only by credit card unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  4. There will be little to no carry out service.  If you need soil, mulch, barrels or other hard goods consider making an online order (orders will be delivered to your door within 48 hours -  see delivery details).

Disinfecting (staying virus free):

  1. Please do not enter the nursery if you are feeling ill.  The staff has also been notified to stay home if feeling ill.
  2. For safety, our customer bathroom will be closed.
  3. Disinfectant will be located by the carts for both wiping down carts and sanitizing hands.

We encourage you to try shopping online for your soil, mulch, and fertilizer needs. This helps you and also helps reduce traffic at the nursery.  For a small delivery fee, the order will be delivered within 48 hours - see delivery details here.

Thank you so much for supporting Westbrae Nursery.  Best wishes for a lush and fruitful garden. 


The Staff at Westbrae Nursery